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Blue Cliff
on May 11, 2016  by dash  has No Comment

One of my favorite portrait photoshoots ever! A beautiful siberian girl Valentina and warm summer sun have...

on March 23, 2016  by dash  has No Comment

I think I had said it before that whenever I have nightmares I try to turn them into my pictures so that...

Foggy Branches
on March 23, 2016  by dash  has No Comment

During our visit to Mount Ahun in Sochi we were caught in foggy weather which made the place look quite...

on March 21, 2016  by dash  has No Comment

In the attic there is a Moth that is covered in dust and acedia but still keeps that one light burning…...

Winter Footsteps
on March 8, 2016  by dash  has No Comment

This photosession with Katya took place in Moscow in November 2015. However, it’s only now that...

on November 9, 2015  by dash  has No Comment

Do you want to hear the chain of events that led me to this photoshoot? I was once a huge fan of Lara...

Morning in Fredvang
on November 8, 2015  by dash  has No Comment

I thought I would dedicate the whole post to the beauty of mornings and sunsets in Fredvang, Lofoten...

Hiking to Hvannhagi
on November 8, 2015  by dash  has No Comment

Going to the Faroe Islands has been my dream since school times so when I finally had the chance to go I was the happiest...

Alone in the forest
on November 4, 2015  by dash  has No Comment

This is a story about a girl who was abandoned in the forest. What creatures did she meet there? Were...

Enchanted Forest
on October 20, 2015  by dash  has No Comment

Priceless time in a really dark yet magical forest in Tulskii region, Russia.